Improve your industrial efficiency.

Kami allows you to track your production efficiency.

They trust us

Kami's solutions.

Track the performance of your production line and optimize the OEE thanks to Kamishibaï and preventive maintenance.


For each production lines follow in real time the production process rhythm.


Set up an intuitive control route accessible to everyone. When a failure is detected, be alerted.


Track your production thanks to Kami's Takt board. OEE are accessible to you worldwide at anytime.

Maintenance 4.0 | Smart maintenance

Do first level of maintenance an automatism to avoid disappointments later.

Real time performance

Takt board are essential indicators to determine the efficiency of your company.

Preventive maintenance = Industrial efficiency

Digital kamishibaï is a wonderful way to improve the industrial efficiency of your company. After deployment of Kami we noticed an increase of the OEE up to 15%.

Security @Kami

At Kami we take very seriously the safety of your data and we make our best efforts to protect your company.

Simplified audits (ISO, IATF) !

Kami archives all maintenance operations.
A stressless way to go through an audit.

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